T4/2 and F103 - Original Comet Inner Primary Chain Case with Pivot Bearting Spacer- $550 (my cost)

Parts in good usable condition. I purchased these original Vincent parts with an idea to make the F103, I didn't.

ET32/3 - CARBURATOR ADAPTER, Front, 1 1/8"- $98

Shadow and Single carb adapter. Bronze, as per originals. Spigot machined 3/4" long. Raised part number.

F52/13 - COMET FOOTREST HANGER, Right- $85

Cadmium plated. Heat Treated 4140 chromoly to Rockwell 40C.

PR50B/1assy - Comet Folding Kickstart Crank Assembly- $315 with Chrome Kicker Crank and all attaching parts. One left.

The complete assembly: with chrome plated Kickstart Crank. F72/6 cadmium plated Footpiece, FT84 bolt, FT99 spring, #92 washer, #662 screw, PR3 rubber, FT202 plug, and 796 washer.

THIS KICKSTART WAS NEVER MADE BY VINCENT. It's a modification of a Burman swivel Kickstart Crank that uses the cadmium plated F72/6 Twin Footpiece.

Much more substantial than OEM and will not fail. 4140 chromoly steel, heat treated to Rockwell 40C.