I am ending all Henderson parts production. Stocks will not be replaced as they run out.

H-1718 - SWITCH KEY - $40


Same as Harley 4521-15.


Bright Nickel Plated, polished - $198

My NOS original Hand Brake Lever Assembly, that I use as a machining standard, is polished and the nickel plating is not dull.

Henderson and Super X, 1928-31. Heat treated 4140 Chromoly Steel.

1229-27 - AIR INTAKE CAP - $65

Made from an NOS part. Nickle plated. Cast steel, open backed, 3 1/4" diameter. HENDERSON FOUR. This is also used on Harley and Indian models.

FOOTPAD with LIP - Nickel Plated Steel - $45

Shown is an original cast iron part attached to a HENDERSON clutch pedal. Mine are 4140 Chromoly and are Made in the USA by me (just like everything else I sell). These will to fit JD, VL, EL, UL, Henderson, & Super X clutch pedals. EL, UL, Henderson, & Super X brake pedals. I use them on my Indians. These are also used on Harley and Indian models.


2 each set screws. Period Accessory for Harley, Indian and Henderson Clutch Pedals and stamped steel Brake Pedals. These are also used on Harley and Indian models.

Henderson - "TRACY-SNAP-JACK" Jiffy Stand - $150.

Henderson Early 1920's-1931. Frames with sidecar lugs. 4140 Chromoly Steel.

KJ5803 - SADDLE FRONT EXTENSION - $50 unmachined. Three left 3/01/17

Henderson KJ, 1929-1931. 8.8" long. 4140 Chromoly Steel. Unmachined

D1017 UNION BODY - $12.50, unmachined

Henderson Zenith T4X Carb. 1922-1928 DeLuxe.

X-1631 THROTTLE LEVER - $38, nickel plated.

Henderson Schebler DLX Carbs, 1929-1931. Super X 1925-1931.